No Offense Kinko’s

So you’re working on a case and you need documentation to support it. That could mean medical records to prove that an injury did not stem from a given incident. It could mean needing to issue subpoenas to secure information. It could mean simply requiring additional copies of materials to brief colleagues. Regardless, you need a place to get documentation.

Sure, there’s Kinko’s around the corner… but do you really want to use Kinko’s? Can you use them for that matter?

In the risk management and insurance line of work, much of what you deal with requires confidentiality and a certain amount of security. Now, nothing against Kinko’s, but don’t you need to work with a document service you can trust?

Copy-Rite provides a variety of document services – and, best yet, we cater to insurance and risk management professionals in the state of California. Here are three reasons to skip Kinko’s or your corner copy shop and come our way instead:

1 – You Need Security. We’ve already established that many of your documents are somewhat sensitive. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured – so not only do you lessen your actual risk, but our staff have passed background checks… meaning that they’re already pre-vetted for trustworthiness and your security.

2 – Quality Matters. We take pride in our duplication services – whether you need copies of standard paper documentation, images, blueprints, or other formats. Not only can we duplicate a variety of materials – we do it well and quality control each print job to ensure the paper, the ink, and final product are all top quality and something you can feel comfortable and proud about presenting to colleagues, clients, or reviewing parties.

3 – Comprehensiveness Shouldn’t Take Extra Time. There’s never enough time as it is – so why waste those minutes running from researcher to copy shop and back again? Since our services are tailored for the risk management and insurance agency, we make a point to offer all the document services that you might need in one place. That means everything from standard document duplication to subpoena preparation and delivery, litigation support, imaging and archiving services, record retrieval… the list goes on.


There are plenty of reasons to work with an industry-specific document and support service – but perhaps the best one is just that: it’s industry specific. That means that we have industry-relevant relationships to help not only get the right documents, but to get them more quickly. It means that we know how to navigate HIPAA and other regulatory matters. It means that we know the difference between a subpoena and a summons. It means that you’ll get the right research, the right documents, and the right resources – when you need them and how you need them – safely, securely, and legally.

Explore the Copy-Rite difference.

No offense, Kinko’s – you’re great – it’s just that there’s a better option for comprehensive risk management and insurance document services.

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